Cheap T-Shirt Printing

Looking for cheap t-shirt printing? We have some money saving tips.

Doing the printing yourself is will save you a ton of many. There are many DIY tutorials online that will show you how to do a simple screen printed design. Just google DIY t-shirt printing and you will find many tutorials. Here’s a quick DIY screen printing tutorial created by Skillshare:

If you find DIY projects are little intimidating then consider a t-shirt print shop like ours to the printing.  Sometimes when you supply your own t-shirts you can save a few bucks. Just run to your local craft stores, like Michael’s or Joann Fabrics, and buy t-shirts. Just make sure you contact your local t-shirt shop and ask if they print on supplied goods.

Another thing to consider when doing cheap shirts is the design. A simple 1 color design on a light color or white t-shirt design is usually the cheapest to print. You can always decide to add more colors. Just ask how much more each additional color will cost.

Lastly, the higher the quantity you order the cheaper the price is. Consider doing a group order instead of ordering an individual t-shirt. Many shops also price t-shirts by the dozen. Sometimes it makes sense to order a few more shirts if you are not too far from the next price break. Do a little bit of math to see if it’s worth ordering more t-shirts.


Wondering how much is to print your design or looking for more ways to save on your printing? Feel free to contact me by email,, or through our contact page.  I have been printing t-shirts for over 9 years. I’ll be happy answer any questions and share more money saving tips.



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